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Telemedicine has arrived. Ophthalmology is a very difficult specialty to transfer to telemedicine due to the reliance on in-person examinations of the patient’s eye, retina, and measuring their glasses prescription. There is one diagnosis that is perfect for telemedicine: amblyopia. Amblyopia develops during childhood, affecting approximately 2-4% of the population. 

Amblyopia is a decrease in vision in one or both eyes due to three main conditions: a significant need for prescription glasses, an eye misalignment, or a blockage of the vision from reversible cause, like a cataract. Amblyopia causes a loss in vision which can be treated if caught early and treated effectively.  

Amblyopia is a unique management issue in ophthalmology; the follow-up of these patients requires monitoring visual acuity over time, knowledge of treatment compliance, the child’s glasses prescription, and the child’s age. None of these require in-person examinations. With the right treatment and good compliance, a child’s vision can improve from legal blindness to legal to drive.

Amblyopia Home is a mobile application for both families of children with amblyopia and their physicians that facilitates amblyopia monitoring and treatment. With Amblyopia Home, children can receive the care and follow-up they need from home.

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Mobile Application

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Easily onboard new patients, obtain billing and treatment reports

For optometrists, ophthalmologists, and orthoptists

For families of children with amblyopia

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